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Do you need professional guidance in preparing for the CFM exam or as a newly certified CFM? The Mentor Program is centered around assisting those wishing to take the CFM exam as well as for orienting individuals to "life as a CFM" once they have passed the exam.

The CFM Mentor Program is also a valuable opportunity to support - even accelerate - the professional growth of existing and experienced CFMs. Individuals who share knowledge, experiences, and skills to benefit someone else provide valuable leadership. Mentors also learn how to hone their skills through teaching others.

Mentor / Mentee Applications

Nice! You want to offer your knowledge, expertise, and advice (Mentor) or you'd like some guidance taking the CFM or starting your career (Mentee). Please complete the brief form through the appropriate link below and a GAFM Representative will contact you with next steps.

Mentor Application Link
(Those Offering Assistance)
Mentee Application Link
(Those Seeking Assistance)

Mentorship Resources

CFM Mentoring Guidance - Primary document outlining the goals of the program.
Five Essentials to Successful Mentoring - Straightforward guidance on mentoring relationships.

Initial CFM Resources, Subjects, and Suggested Resources

  1. ASFPM CFM references
    1. Exam Application Process
      1. Prepare for exam through work experience and study (ASFPM Study Guide on
      2. Identify exam date/location via CFM Exam Calendar and submit a completed application and fee to ASFPM
      3. View general information about the CFM Program via
    2. Exam Make-up
      1. Closed book of 120 multiple choice questions
      2. 3 hours allowed to complete exam
      3. Score of 70 percent or better to pass
      4. Content
        1. 5-10% Overall Context of Floodplain Management
        2. 20-25% Floodplain Mapping
        3. 20-25% NFIP Regulatory Standards
        4. 15-20% Regulatory Administrative Procedures
        5. 10-15% Flood Insurance
        6. 10-15% Flood Hazard Mitigation
        7. 10-15% Natural and Beneficial Functions
    3. Maintaining your CFM
      1. Certifications are awarded by the ASFPM for a two-year period. CFMs must submit the following items to ASFPM every two years:
        1. Renewal Application (mailed to current CFMs)
        2. Continuing Education Credit (CEC) documentation
        3. Renewal Fee
  2. Georgia EPD Floodplain Management Staff and Resources
    1. GA EPD Floodplain Management website:
      1. Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances
      2. Links to other resources
    2. State NFIP Coordinator: Haydn Blaize, 404.463.4935,
    3. GA DFIRM website -
      1. What’s my flood risk – search for FIS, FIRM, FRPs by address or jurisdiction.
      2. Learn more about flood insurance
      3. Learn more about floodplain regulations
      4. Contact a floodplain official
    4. Floodplain Management In Georgia – Quick Guide



  3. FEMA Region IV staff
    1. Mitigation Divisions
      1. Risk Analysis
      2. Floodplain Management and Insurance
      3. Hazard Mitigation Assistance
      4. Historical and Endangered Species Preservation
  4. FEMA Website -
  5. FEMA Map Information Exchange (FMIX)
    1. Toll-free by phone at 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627)
    2. By e-mail at
  6. Local Floodplain Management and Hazard Mitigation Resources

    1. Hazard Mitigation Assistance

      and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

    2. FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning Handbook
    3. Community Rating System and
    4. Integrating hazard mitigation best practices into planning
    5. FEMA Mitigation Ideas document
    6. Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding
    7. Hazard Planning Center, Planning Information Exchange
    8. U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit
    9. Day to Day Floodplain Management Experience

      1. Elevation Certificates
      2. Floodplain Manager job expectations
      3. Working and collaborating with other departments
      4. Working with residents and property owners