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No Adverse Impact (NAI) Page Under Construction, Last Update 7/24/18

No Adverse Impact (NAI) principles give communities a way to promote responsible floodplain development through community-based decision making. In essence, NAI ensures the actions of one property owner are not allowed to adversely affect the rights of other property owners. The adverse effects or impacts can be measured in terms of increased flood peaks, increased flood stages, higher flood velocities, increased erosion and sedimentation, or other impacts the community considers important.

The NAI philosophy can shape the default management criteria: a community develops and adopts a comprehensive plan to manage development that identifies acceptable levels of impact, specifies appropriate measures to mitigate those adverse impacts, and establishes a plan for implementation. The philosophy can also be extended to entire watersheds as a means to promote the use of regional retention/detention or other stormwater techniques to mitigate damage from increased runoff from urban areas.

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NAI Lunch & Learn Webinars

The Georgia Association of Floodplain Management NAI Committee, in conjunction with the ASFPM NAI Committee, hosts Lunch and Learn Webinars throughout the year. Members of GAFM are automatically invited to register for these webinars and each webinar is approved for (1) Continuing Education Credit (CEC).

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June 6, 2018
NAI Regulations How-to Guide
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