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Registration for the 2018 Annual Conference is Now Open!

No Drought About It -  A Flood is Coming

GAFM is pleased to announce that registration for its 12th Annual Technical Conference is now open! The Conference is being hosted in Athens from March 19-22, at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel. Be sure to register before the Early Bird Deadline which is February 16, 2018. Please use the link below to register for the conference.

More information about the conference including booking your hotel room, field trips, sponsoring the conference, registering for the CFM exam, and much more can be found below!

Thank You 2018 Sponsors!

GAFM would like to extend a hearty thank you to all of its sponsors for the 2018 Conference. Your support makes the Annual Conference possible!

Diamond Sponsors

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Book Your Hotel Room for the 2018 Conference!

Book your hotel room today at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel. Please call the hotel at (706) 542-2134 or visit their website to book a room in the GAFM block at the reduced price of $109.00 per night (not including taxes and fees). To receive the conference rate, use the code: 89522 

Be sure to book your hotel before the block is dropped by February 19, 2018.

Sponsor the 2018 Conference!

Being a sponsor is a great way to support GAFM and advertise your company to attendees at the Annual Conference. Sponsors are critical to the success of the conference, and GAFM highly encourages you to consider a sponsorship at any level! Also, it's easy to become a sponsor. Simply register for your desired sponsorship level on the same page that you would use to register for the conference. When you register, you'll be asked to provide the name of an attendee from your organization. This attendee will automatically receive a full conference registration and will deduct 25 points from your total number of sponsorship points. Please email the Conference Chair at to catalog how you would like to utilize the remainder of your sponsorship points. The levels of sponsorship and corresponding points are provided below. 

Sponsorship Level Early Bird Cost Cost after 2/16 Points
Diamond       $1,600       $1,750   150
Platinum       $1,100       $1,250   100
Gold $550 $650    50 Silver $300 $400    25 

Redeemable Items Points
Display Booth (Includes 1 membership and 1 conference attendance)    50
Individual Membership    10
Day Pass Conference Attendance*    15
Full Conference Attendance*    25
Badge Sponsor   100
Awards Sponsor    50
Lunch Sponsor   100 

*Points can only be used for Conference Attendance for GAFM Members.

Exhibit at the 2018 Conference

Exhibiting at the Annual GAFM Conference is an excellent way to reach a diverse audience from across the state of Georgia! Historically, conference attendance averages 150 professionals. By registering for the GAFM Conference as an Exhibitor, you are entitled to a table in the Registration/Break room where attendees will concentrate during breaks between presentations as well as before and after the main conference times. Additionally when registering as an Exhibitor, a single entrance into the conference is included. Purchasing an Exhibitor entrance will cost $600 prior to February 16, 2018, and $750 after the early bird date. It's easy to become a conference Exhibitor. Simply register as an Exhibitor on the same page that you would use to register for the conference and identify the attendee when completing the contact information section. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Chair at

Field Trips

Two brand new and exciting field trips are being offered at the 2018 GAFM Conference. Please read below for more information, and be sure to register for your field trip of choice when you register for the conference!

Athens-Clarke County Floodplain Case Studies: 
Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

Led by Bob Faucett, Todd Stevenson, Kyle Dalton and Jill Gambill

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 9:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Tour begins in the hotel lobby.

Map of the route:


Local governments often have to solve floodplain problems that arise from past decisions, made a time when different standards of regulatory oversight and buffer enforcement were in place. Floodplain maps may not pick up on these localized problems areas, missing impacts from small streams and creeks. This can lead to difficulty accessing resources to fix these issues. Learn how Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is tackling three floodplain management challenges arising from past and present actions.

  1. Benning/Collins Site – Brooklyn Creek

    The Brooklyn Creek watershed is a heavily traversed area with both residential and commercial properties. Several decades ago, a private company installed a 72-inch stormwater line under their property. In 2015, this privately constructed stormwater infrastructure failed, creating a 15-foot sink hole. The sink hole swallowed an ice machine and flooded a busy thoroughfare on Baxter Street.


    Jurisdictional players:

    • Private company – installed stormwater lines under property
    • Car wash – current owner of property
    • Ice machine company – owns an ice machine located on the property, knew about the stormwater issues before sinkhole opened
    • Local government – level of responsibility to fix the pipe was uncertain


    This field trip stop will include learning how Athens Clarke-County responded to this crisis and additional repetitive flooding problems by rethinking the area’s floodplain management through rerouting pipes and purchasing nearby properties.


  2. Target/Walmart Site

    A Target store was constructed within the floodplain, with its permitting conditioned upon documenting the management of water. Target constructed a culvert system under their building and parking lot. However, due to staff turnover in Athens-Clarke County, the map revisions were never processed, and so the area still appears in FEMA floodplain maps as AE zone. A Hardee’s restaurant has just been permitted to build on an adjacent property, which due to the inaccurate maps, is also currently in the regulatory floodway. What are the City’s responsibilities in this situation? Is Target paying flood insurance?


    In 2016, a Walmart store was built across from the street from Target, using a MS4 permit from the EPA to minimize stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution. In the parking lot, Walmart installed bioretention cells with a detention basin to capture and temporarily hold stormwater runoff. The biocells improve water quality as stormwater filtrates through the system. Stormwater is then slowly released from the system, so that it does not overwhelm downstream infrastructure. Based on past rainfall records, these systems were designed to mitigate peak rates of runoff. However, they may not be equipped to manage future threats. In the Southeast United States, weather patterns are projected to change, resulting in more intensive and severe rain events.


    Learn what Athens new Stormwater Director, Todd Stevenson, views as the next innovation in runoff reduction. This will include discussion on Senate Bill 116, which would designate certain properties as being exempt from stormwater fees. Athens-Clarke County offers quantity and quality credits for stormwater practices, but also charges a base fee that is not subject to credits.


  3. Kingswood Site – McNutt Creek

    In 2009, Athens-Clarke County utilized GEMA Mitigation Funding to purchase six flood-prone lots. Repetitive loss properties in Athens are fairly rare, and so this was a relatively new effort for the consolidated government. The properties were torn down, and the lots are now maintained as open lots, reverting back to their natural state. However, on the new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), several of these properties appear to no longer be in the floodplain. Due to the spatial resolution of FIRM maps, smaller upstream creeks and streams are often not included in the modeling. However, these can still cause flooding and damage on a localized scale. What challenges or limitations does this create for local governments, such as access to FEMA mitigation funding and property owners not being mandated to carry flood insurance?

University of Georgia Sustainability Tour

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Tour begins in the hotel lobby.

Sample route maps:


The University of Georgia has taken huge strides in making its campus sustainable and resilient. Watershed UGA is a campus organization dedicated to stream restoration and sustainability. They work to promote education, research and outreach at the university to help protect the campus’ water resources. Students with Watershed UGA will be leading a WALKING tour to highlight sustainability initiatives taken across campus and to better acquaint attendees with the UGA campus. Below are a few examples of the various sustainable features on campus.

  • DW Brooks Mall- This greenspace was previously DW Brooks Drive and has since been converted to the southern end of the “Green Mile” connecting north and south campus. DW Brooks Mall is the largest greenspace project on campus. Its benefits range from stormwater runoff reduction to air quality improvement. It is also frequently used by students for outdoor activities.
  • Jaworski Amphitheatre- This outdoor classroom also functions as a sustainable landscape, featuring many native plant species. Utilizing native plants in this area helps to reduce pesticide use and frequent watering.
  • Lily Branch- This stream restoration project is geared toward turning “Stinky Creek” into a healthy stream used for recreation, education, and research. This restoration project has included removing invasive plant species and relocating beavers.
  • The Trial Gardens- This garden is used to test annuals and perennials against the Athens heat and humidity. Based on assessments made in the Trial Gardens, the university is able to make more cost effective planting choices when landscaping across campus.

Annual GAFM Golf Tournament

Join GAFM for the Annual Golf Tournament! This year it will be hosted at the UGA Golf Course in Athens Georgia on Monday, March 19, 2018. The fee includes a full round of golf, a box lunch, snacks, and beverages. Additionally, a free shuttle is available to take guests from the hotel to the golf course.

CFM Exam Information

The CFM Exam will be offered at the 2018 Conference. The exam will take place on Thursday, March 22, 2018 from 1:00-4:00 PM. A box lunch will be provided for all exam registrants prior to the exam. All planning to take the exam at the GAFM Conference MUST register for the exam on ASFPM's website.

Applicants for the CFM exam can obtain an application form on the ASFPM Website at the Certification Program tab. All CFM applications must be RECEIVED at the office of ASFMP at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXAM DATE for review and approval.